URL Extractor Tool

What is Extract Link URL Online Tool?
Extract Link URL is free SEO tool to help in SEO research. It is free url extractor tool. One can use this tool to extract links from a webpage / html source.

How do I use Link Extractor tool?
Please paste html source in above input text area and click on Extract All URLs button. It will extract all the links from input html.

How many times can I use this tool?
This tool is completely free and one can use it as many times as one wants.

What browsers this tool supports?
This tool works on all the browser. It was tested on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chome, Opera browser.

Why do I need to paste html source? Why cant I give url of webpage to extract links?
URL Extractor tool is free and it consumes resources. Fetching a webpage consumes bandwidth and cpu power. Moreover some website blocks access to webpage if they are not acccessed from browser. To provide better user experience and avoid over consumption of resources by spammer, fetching of webpage by tool is disabled.